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Dana on Concert in the park
A fine gap-tooth patriot.

Bettina on Not Moving Van

Bettina on Track Meet
Great capture. Makes me remember the grim stamina it takes to run track.

Bettina on Softball Action
Awesome action! How you been?!

Sue-Ann on Game Face
great expression of the player and move from the fan.

Gary on LeBron James
Great shot but I'll never understand the uniform.

Gary on Nice Hat

Gary on High Flyer

Gary on Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Into the open door of Bartholomew's waiting VW, then off for lunch. Now that will give them something to talk ...

Gary on 010613
I'm just sitting here shaking my head. My hat is off to you. These are outstanding!!

Gary on Nice Saturday
The composition is still a good one. I had to laugh at your second caption, we call our boss "el jefe".

Gary on Chatsworth Nike Missile Site
We got a bunch around here too. They're pretty cool.

Gary on Christmas Pickup

Gary on Girls' Wrestling Team
Another awesome shot. The background is almost as interesting as the foreground.

Gary on December Sunbather
You couldn't plan this stuff if you wanted to. Fantastic.

Gary on Mom
Nice portrait, Mike. What's the matter, she didn't like the old ones?

Gary on Camp
Nicely done in B&W. And if you don't mind me saying.... nice rack.

Gary on Skinning
Haircut and shave, two bits.

Gary on Cooking
And I bet nothing tasted better.

Gary on Campfire
That's what it's all about. Right there.

Gary on Canyon Ride
I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day.

Gary on Mule Backscratch
I know that feeling. It's just that my wife gets embarrassed when I do it in public.

Gary on Waiting
Not much cover out there.

Gary on Dead Elk
I see they got a leg up on the competition. Bada Boom.

Gary on Morning
I just caught myself lost in this, dreaming away. Lucky you.

Gary on Camp
Makes you appreciate the work that goes into it. The flags a nice touch.

Gary on Elk Hunt
This looks like a great trip and loads of fun. I would have only shot pictures also. Nice work on the night image.

Gary on American Music Awards
After having to look at Bartholomew all day, yeah you deserve some perks.

Gary on More Late Night Shenanigans
And you have these tools, why?

Gary on Veteran's Day Ceremony
Another MOB signature portrait.

Gary on Accident
I don't remotely want to make light of this situation but I love the umbrella.

Gary on LAPD Awards Ceremony
This is awesome. You make it look easy but you have a real talent.

Gary on Election Day Voting
They set up the voting booth so they can see who the voter selected in the reflection on the glass. Then if they ...

Gary on Space Shuttle
Very cool. I've always wanted to see something like this.

Gary on No Photos
This is what Dana does to me when I'm trying to do a nice landscape image. Really ticks me off. I'm glad ...

Gary on America Tropical
Nice work on the transition into the Mural.

Gary on Rain
Nice shot, Mike. You can hardly tell it was taken through the car window while eating a corn dog.

Gary on Exit the Egret
No, you just dressed in a alligator costume. It's still cheating!!!

Gary on Schoolgirls Meet Obama Supporter
Obama supporter being harassed by 4 of Romney's young muscle. California is getting as bad as Iran.

Gary on Ballerina Meets Jailbird
Interesting. Who would dress their kid up in a Sheep outfit and lock them up in a pen. I hope you called child services.

Gary on Osteokor
Now your just messing with me. I've been staring at this all morning.

Gary on L.A. Memorial Coliseum
Not only hard to pass up, but to capture the exact mood you did. Nice!

Ian Bramham on Glass Shop, Chatsworth
very dynamic - I love this one!

Ian Bramham on L.A. Memorial Coliseum
very nice progression from dark to light!

Bettina on Yea
Yeah! Nice to see you, Mike! It's been forever!

Bettina on Ballerina Meets Jailbird
She will save his soul, turn his life around, bring him new meaning, but when he gets out it will all be too late to ...

Bettina on Osteokor
Cool! You must get some sleep!

Bettina on L.A. Memorial Coliseum
There's something eerie, existential even, about an empty stadium all lit up.

Bettina on 82312
Love this combo. Interesting mix. How are things?

Gary on Kids Ocean Day
That's great!

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